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painterIf you are looking for the best options for contractors insurance in Indiana you have found the right company!

Pathway Insurance Services, Inc. is a leading independent agency specializing in providing contractors insurance in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

We offer contractors insurance for any type of business including roofing contractors insurance Indiana.

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Indiana Contractors Insurance Rates As Low As $350!

A number of different types of sub-contractors or sole proprietors may qualify for rates as low as $350 for the year.

Some examples that may qualify for the $350 annual premium include handyman, carpentry, interior painting, certain home remodeling contractors, and drywall contractors.

If you are a brand-new startup business you may qualify as well as long as you have not been operating without Indiana contractors insurance.

Naturally there are additional conditions to qualify for the lowest rates.

Call our office at 1-800-998-0662 to see if your business qualifies or click the link below to send your information to us online:

  • Indiana Contractors Insurance

The Right Kind of Indiana Contractors Insurance Coverage is Important.

Keep in mind that the typical Indiana contractors insurance policy will only provide Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) coverage to you.

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

The Commercial General Liability Policy may extend coverage for property damage, bodily injury, personal and advertising injury and medical payments as long as it is not excluded in the liability section of the general liability insurance policy that you purchase.

What Will General Liability Insurance Not Cover?

Unfortunately it’s a very extensive list of what is not covered by the Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

For time sake let’s consider a few areas that some contractors mistakenly believe may be covered by the CGL policy.

  • Any type of business tools or equipment you own or rent and used in your business
  • Material or inventory
  • Coverage for your vehicles
  • Coverage for employee vehicles
  • Coverage for any type of business property
  • Coverage for subcontractors
  • Employee theft or embezzlement
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Cybercrime liability

Keep in mind the list above are only a few areas were coverage would not extend from the Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

For instance one painting contractor named Michael had five employees working for his company and he had about $25,000 worth of tools and equipment he had purchased for his painting business that was stored in his garage located at his home.

He and his family went away for the weekend to only discover when they returned that he had been robbed and all of his painting equipment was stolen.

He contacted the agent who handled his liability insurance (not us at the time) only to be told by his previous agent that he only purchased Commercial General Liability Insurance so his claim would be denied since he did not purchase coverage for his tools or business equipment.

The same agent also handled his homeowners insurance and he asked if he could file a claim under the home insurance policy and his former agent advised him that there was a $1500 limitation on business equipment.

His former agent advised him that the best place to insure business equipment is to add a tools coverage endorsement.

Michael was out $25,000 because he mistakenly assumed his Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy also extended coverage for tools and equipment.

We Offer a Coverage Checklist for Indiana Contractors Insurance!

We have developed a coverage checklist that will help you as a contractor to learn if you have gaps in your insurance protection based on your activities.

It’s a very useful tool and it could save you from a costly reimbursed insurance loss.

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Note the following specialized insurance programs we offer:

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  • Roofing Contractors Insurance Indianapolis
  • Painting Contractors Insurance Indianapolis
  • Insurance for Landscaping Company Indianapolis
  • Business Insurance HVAC Indiana
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